First Python class started.

+-*After lots of marketing and cajoling and telling people the benefits of learning python, we’re happy to announce that our first python class has started. It started yesterday and will go on for 19 class.    Some of those students (but not all) will continue for Django after they learn Python, as we have students…
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Here is React.js

+-*It tries to minimise manipulation of DOM. Does the minimum number of DOM manipulation to get to state change. When the JavaScript components in your website becomes too large, it’s hard to change one of them without affecting various others. This is a problem if working with full-stack JS frameworks like Angular & Backbone. React solves…
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Today is teacher’s day.

+-*Today is teacher’s day. It is celebrated as it is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This day we honour our teachers, they help you in your formative years. Without them you would be like a rudderless ship, sailing wherever the wind takes you.

How to contribute to open source projects

+-*First why contribute? Get to know other developers: When you work with other programmers in contributing to a project, you get to have online conversations as well as meetup (sometimes offline) and you get to know many things from them. Improve your skills: If you are contributing for a particular language/framework then your skills on…
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Make a fiddle at JSFiddle

+-*Continuing our series with sites which help your increase your programming skills, we come to jsFiddle. As the site says, JSFiddle is a playground for front-end developers jsFiddle provides you with an online editor. You can also upload your code or just copy paste. You can put HTML, CSS, JavaScript & CoffeeScript code. All these codes…
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Pen a code at Codepen

+-*Codepen is for front-end. Think of it as your web server, without your domain name.  The website itself lists what you can do there: Show off the amazing things you build. Learn new things by tinkering. Build reduced test cases to report bugs and get help on tricky problems. Try out new technologies for the first…
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