Are Audio-Books a good way to learn Programming

audio book

I am a fan of audio-books as far as reading anything goes; be it fiction or non-fiction. A good reason is that I walk/jog/run quite a lot, and I could hear whatever it is being said with the audio-book.
But what I am listening is not something I’m learning. So what if I’m trying to learn something. Well audio-books are effective there also, only two conditions are needed:

  1. What I’m learning is being taught in an essay type text – without numbers
  2. That the book/text isn’t big enough – I could repeat over and over whatever is being said.

The repetition is important, that is because you are prone to miss a lot of things at the first hearing. It is a good assumption that you would be doing something else whilst listening to your audio-book – maybe running – and that is going to take away your attention, a little if not a lot.
What about programming?
Not that I have ever tried learning programming from audio-books, but I have tried some econometrics (economics with statistics) with the help of audio-books. There was mathematics involved.
My experience says, hear from the audio-books to get your concepts clear, but do see the video to get it in writing – how the thing is done. Of course you can also view this in video (like youtube) and you will get it, but doing some exercises whilst you are listening (the 3rd time maybe) is always better.

Ofcourse video is better than audio for learning anything, but with video you have to give it your full attention, not easy if you are jogging or running or even in a crowded bus sitting. I’d like to see what you thought of learning programming with audio-books.