You Become What You Believe You Are

This is hard to believe but telling you from personal experience – you will reach at the same point in your life where you visualize yourself everyday. your beliefs - what you believe

That point could be anywhere in your life; measured in money, social status, career, relationships, marriage, friends, family, place where you live, health. Let us take an example: Say you believed that you are an introverted person who can code anything but can’t sell. your beliefs - what you believe
Now, if you were given some work to code and sell that thing; you will say that you will code the best programme but hire someone to sell. So your company hires somebody who doesn’t know much about the code but sells it.

This is so even though the buyers were interested in the technical knowhow and would’ve been easily persuaded by your knowledge whilst the other guy bungled in explaining the programme to them, but since the programme had such an elegant code, the buyer’s figured it out by themselves.

How could you change the scenario?

You have to change your belief system. You have to get the belief that you can sell. That people like talking to you and that talking is natural. If you get that belief, you could just stand out there in front of the customer and sell. And after one good selling, you have that good feedback that you can sell. It builds up.

But how to change the belief the first time? You could start by writing the thought again and again, making that belief the primary item you mind recognises. If that doesn’t work, you can take the help of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) through audio or through a practitioner.