Centralised Admission Process

centralised admission process CAPCentralised admission process is there so that every student can get admission in the course they want to without going to all the colleges that teach that subject. There are many procedures which change every year, but here is the gist:

  1. Pick up a form and register yourself. Generally you have to fill your information online and submit the application offline after showing the certificates.
  2. You will get a Username and Password.
  3. Then you have to choose which college you want to pursue your course. In BCA you have to select 13 colleges affiliated to Pune University.
  4. The colleges should be selected based on the marks you have gotten in you XIIth class as well as JEE (if you are selecting for B.Tech course). The more the marks, the better the college you can choose. The information about which colleges you have a reasonable chance to get admitted is provided and you apply for those colleges.
  5. Then the selection rounds happen. There are 4 rounds – 3 online, 1 offline.
  6. Some explanation of how the rounds happen.
  7. Let’s say you are applying for BCA, and your most preferred colleges are A, B, C & D in that order. Let’s assume that you have 86% marks in XIIth. In the first round, the top 3 colleges that you have selected are looked at.

    But the information is provided that the cut-off in college A would be more than 95%, hence you have no chance of getting seats there, so you don’t mention college A in that list.

    i)       Now College B has 30 seats for BCA and 70 people have applied for it. Among them, 45 people have more than 86%, so they will get preference over you.

    ii)      College C has again 30 seats for BCA and 70 people have applied for it. Among them 33 people have more than 86%, so again you don’t get preference over it.

    iii)     College C has 30 seats, and 67 people have applied to it. Only 1 of them has more than 86%, and therefore you will get admission in college C if you wish to take it.

  8. But there is a catch in all this. There are always waiting lists. Let’s say 6 people who were chosen for college B didn’t apply for it, then (provided you didn’t apply for college C) you can get admission in college B in the next round.

A thing about fees:
The information about college fees is generally public beforehand and you should check them before putting them in your preferred college list.