Checklist whilst choosing computer training institute.

checklist when choosing computer instituteLots of people join place because of the brands. But here is a training institute, there are other things to look before leaping.

In continuation with an earlier post, here is a checklist for what you should check out in a computer institute when you want to join it for computer training.

1. Course Content:

Look at the curriculum. Compare it with the standard curriculum for this technology internationally. Make sure that they teach everything that is require and give enough time for it.

Ask the training personnel if you have any doubt.

2. Faculty:

Check the documentation about the faculty. If possible research about them and find out what their industry and training experiences were, and how they are training the current batch.

3. Lab:

When you visit the institute to check out their course, see the lab. See the internet connection as well how the devices work.

Make sure that the lab is well equipped. If you don’t have laptop, you will be using the lab’s facilities a lot.

4. Practicals:

Ask the institutes how much practicals are done. Ask other students as well. You want to have a large amount of practicals as well as assignments.

5. Fees:

As any money-minded individual will mind, there is no harm in checking out the fee structure of various institute.

Try to get discount, ask about it before joining. Of course doing a variety of frameworks along with the language reduced the fees for a single component.

6. Certificate:

Check what kind of certificate you will be provided. Of course the institute is going to give its own certificate, but having a university’s certificate is a plus. Having the certificate from a renowned international body also has it’s advantages.

If you could get certification from an international body or university, then do look into it. A little reputation goes a long way.

Last tip: Make sure that you learn a framework with any language such as Java, dot.NET, JavaScript. Frameworks cut down the clutter or big programs and get coders to have some standardisation, and hence big companies want to hire people who have some framework skills.