Do’s & Don’ts when you choose a computer institute.

There are lots of computer institutes to choose from and you being a newbie may not know how to choose the best one. Of course asking somebody who has trained in a computer institute would be nice – but not everybody has that luxury.

choose a computer institute

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for you before choosing a computer institute.


  1. Don’t go by the brand name. Brand name may not equate with quality of teaching. Some institutes advertise a lot with hoardings and posters and because of that a large number of students visit the place.The price of training at these institutes is higher because the costs for advertisement is high and they need to recuperate it. Additionally, the students could have gotten better education with a lower price, but since they didn’t check out other institutes, they will never know what they could’ve gotten.

  3. Don’t follow the crowd. Just because most of your classmates are going to one institute, there is no reason why you should go there. Choose an institute which offers training as per your requirement, near to your place, at timings suitable to you.As for friends, you will make more at the new institute.


  1. Join an Institute specialising in the technology you want to learn. IT is an specialisation field. Most institutes specialise in one or two technologies.

  3. Get reviews of the institute. Find online reviews of institute before joining or ask somebody in your college or friends circle if they have gone to that institute.

  5. Check out more than one institute before deciding. Check out 2-3 institutes about their fees and what they teach before deciding on one.

  7. Check out facilities, Curriculum, Faculty of the institute. Check out what facilities the institute offers. Check and compare the curriculum with what is on offer at the best place in India & in the world by looking at the web. See what is the experience of the faculty and ask other students or online about how they teach.

Do complete your homework before joining an institute because you won’t be studying the same technology again. You don’t waste your time in some place you joined because your friends also joined there.