In College? What to do for Bright Future – I

Now that you are in college studying in some IT course, you have lots of free time. Don’t waste it; there are tonnes of things to do to increase your chances for a great career and bright future. You have to think long-term on this for bright career future


  1. Strong GitHub Profile

  2. Make your GitHub profile strong, contribute somewhere you are good at, ask questions, make links with other members.

  3. Try to join a startup

  4. Although you may not be able to join in the 1st year of your bachelor course, try to join a start-up by the 2nd year (and 1st internship). Even work for free. A start-up is a very busy environment with lots of challenges, this prepares you to work in a challenging environment. It is also helpful when you form your own company.

    Another area where experience in start-up helps is that you get to know where they make mistakes. Generally in big company, decision-making happens in a bureaucratic setup and the least risky proposal is taken up; whereas in start-ups facing many shortages (of manpower, finances, contacts) they try out anything that has some chance of success, when doing so they will make mistakes. You will get to learn from their mistakes.

  5. Choose a field

  6. By the start of 3rd semester in your bachelor degree course, you should’ve picked-up a field of specialisation. Start working on sharpening your knowledge on your chosen field.

    If you are the quintessential ambivalent person, who can’t decide for the life of him, then ask somebody else to choose for you. And no matter how much you hate the choice, follow it. Either you’ll start liking it or change into something you do really like.

    The price of indecision is the gravest.

  7. Programming Contest – Codesprints –Interviewstreet

  8. Join some of the many programming contests that are going around in Internet like Codesprints, Interviewstreet. Contesting makes you aware of what you lack vis-a-vis other people and makes you think quickly on a subject.

  9. Concentrate on your hobbies

  10. You will never get back college years, so make yourself happy by working on your hobbies. After college you may not have time (or money) for a few years when you are chasing a career.

    Next part of this series will be tomorrow………..maybe