In College? What to do for Bright Future – II

Continuing the last post……..more things to do in college to have a great future.

  1. Try improving people skills

  2. You will be working with people, in a team, and you have to get along with others. Many studies have shown that the people who are promoted are not necessarily the best workers, but one who is liked by most.   It will also make you a good manager and people will give you more opportunities if you like and connect with them. Go to public forums and speak, join some political activity in AAP.

  3. Volunteer for various causes

  4. Join any NGO that works for a cause that is closer to your heart. Be that working with orphans, old people or the disable. You will get to engage with people of different backgrounds and thinking, you will learn to deal with difficult situation in which you are not comfortable with. An added advantage would be that this looks good in your resume.

  5. Freely talk with the professors

  6. A good relationship with professors in always beneficial. They are not your enemies, they are there to teach you. They are humans and a everybody likes a friendly chat. They can help you not only with academics and projects but also with industry contacts.

  7. Talk with seniors and students who have already passed out of college

  8. Seniors generally come to college for many things, you can also contact them via the facebook group of your college course. Seek their advice on anything you don’t know about academics and college. Also ask them what you should focus on in your studies and internships.

  9. Sports

  10. Being active in sports makes your brain sharper as it has to make new connection. It also speeds up your decision making capabilities. Health is a side advantage. So is good youthful looks. It’ll come in handy, especially for girls.

  11. Contribute to open-source project

  12. The more you contribute to an open-source project, the more you learn how to work with some code without any help. Since this project may not be taught to you, you get to have mastery in yet another technology (always good for resumes).

These are a long list of things, but you’re in college; you don’t have much responsibility now. If you sit and relax, you’ll be relaxing your whole life