About CompTIA Server+ Certification

CompTIA is a non-profit trade associated created in 1982 by five microcomputer computer companies in the US. Among other things, CompTIA provides professional certifications for IT industry. Since most of the IT industry originates and is based on USA, the certifications of CompTIA holds ground all over the industry in the globe.

Server+ certification is required for certain advanced certification from Cisco, Novell & Microsfot. It is recommended that you get CompTIA A+ certification before Server+ because the A+

  • Is Easier
  • Introduces concepts which will expand in Server+
  • Is required with Server+ for advanced tracks like Microsoft Certified Systems Administration (MCSA) certification.

Server+ focuses on server-specific hardware and operating systems. It tests your technical knowledge in RAID, SCSI & multiple CPUs. You will also be asked about server issues and disaster recovery.

The topics that this tests covers includes:

  • General Server Hardware Knowledge
  • Installation, Deployment & Upgradation of System Hardware
  • Server virtualisation concepts & features
  • Server Documentation, diagrams and procedures
  • Understanding different servers such as File Server, Web Server & DNS Server
  • Environment Troubleshooting
  • Housing of appropriate area for the servers
  • Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

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