What computer language to learn?

There are a plethora of computer languages that a person can choose from for an IT career. The numbers of standards and specifications are so complex, it’s hard for a beginner to pick and choose what he should start with, what he should focus and what are the advanced courses.

So here is a list of what you should learn if you wanna become………………

which computer language to learn


1. A Front End Web Page Developer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator

2. A Back End Developer – A web application developer

a) If you are going to work with windows then


b) If you want to be Platform Independent

Java, C++, Python or Perl or Ruby, PHP, MySQL or MongoDB

Some system admin knowledge would be useful.

3. An Application developer

Any language of your choice would do: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic (for Windows applications)

Additional – MVC, Dojo Toolkit

4. A System Administrator

Shell Programming plus any middleware such as Perl, Ruby or Python, PHP, Java, Apache Server, Linux OS, MySQL, basically all of LAMP.

Certification by Any: Microsoft MCITP / VM Ware VCP/ Red Hat Certificate RHCE

5. A Website Administrator

CMS such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress, Basic PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript

For Web commerce website: Magento or OSCommerce

6. A High-Performance Programmer

C/C++, Java. Having a background in mathematics or quantitative analysis.

7. 3D Programmer or Game programmer

C/C++, Open GL, Animation. Having good artistic skills would be of great help.

8. Mobile app programmer:

Objective-C (for iOS) or Java (for Android). HTML/CSS design capability is needed for mobile websites. PhoneGap or Firefox OS require Javascript alongwith HTML/CSS. Having server side knowledge would help.


Of course people also ask for niche skills like Drupal or Oracle DB developer. Having a niche skill would get you higher paying job, because the employers find it hard to get candidates. It’s like an actor’s job.

But like an actor, you may also find it hard to get a job in the first place for the niche skill you have.