What is the important language in the next 30 years?

Think how fast the processors are getting developed. The problem that they are solving now, by the next two decades, they’d be solving problems 759 time more complex than today. And those problems could not be tackled in Java, C ………. or (oh gawd!) JavaScript.haskell

The trend would be towards more abstractions.

We would be remembering JavaScript of Java then like we remember COBOL and FORTRAN now, used in some machines, but who knows where.

Another thing that’s a factor here is that CPU clock speeds are not increasing anymore. Hence cores in each CPU is being increased, so this change in situation makes those language best which allow for coding parallel computations as easy as possible. Currently this condition is satisfied by Haskell.

I’m sure there would be others and they would be the ones most probable to win the evolutionary race of the languages.