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IT industry is booming with an advent of high-end technologies & we all know opportunity knocks the door only once. We @Technnovation Labs are giving employees the platform to ignite ideas & nurture them till they succeed. We are here to avail you with a plethora of opportunities in technology learning, viz:

  • PHP Framework: YII (Yes It Is.), Code Igniter.
  • Content Management Platform: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.
  • Advanced Web Technology: HTML5, jQuery, (MVC).

Expand your horizon:

You have abundant projects in your pipeline based on various booming technologies but you lack the skilled resources. Our institute is your one stop solution.

Customizable & Versatile:

Our training programs are customizable as per the requirement of your employees. They are also versatile in terms of delivering the desired outputs.

Save people’s Time,  your Money &  everybody’s Resources:

Rather switching to fresh recruitment process in this competitive scenario, simply turn up the manpower you have at present into skilled phenomenal professionals.

Get the world to Chase you:

Our programs will enable employees to further develop their technical skills & competence as a professional.


We understand your story as a full time employer, that is why we have special weekend batches to suit you time requirements.

Company- Employee bond:

Improving the future prospects of present employees will also tighten up the bond between employee & company; further enable your organization to produce better results as a team.

We have the required infra & expertise to harness your demands. It’s your opportunity to expand your vistas & attain your highest potential with a contemporary & versatile quality training at Technnovation Labs.

For further queries, please feel free to contact us at:

4th Floor, Nandlal Hsg Society,
418 Narayan peth, Munjobacha Bol,
Shagun Chowk (on Laxmi Road),
Pune, Maharashtra – 411030
India, Contact: 8983002500

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