How to Deliver Great Speeches

How to develop speech making ability and your personality

I see people going for Personality Development classes and used to think why? Isn’t our personality quite developed as it is, I mean people love and accept us.

But it’s not the same for students who go to personality development classes. They have problems giving speeches and being confident talking to interviewers.

A lot of this lack of confidence is due to people censoring themselves. They check what they are saying and try to be safe, and censor themselves.You would know about Hitler. He was a great orator.

To develop that forceful voice an exercise he used to do was: He would go to the nearby hills around his village and Scream with full force.

You may not find the space to scream, but you may find the space to give speeches with full voice. It literally breaks away the barrier that holds your voice. A booming voice conveys a high confidence and self-esteem.

Hence go out and practice making speeches, make speeches about anything to anyone, or no-one. Make speeches in English if that is what you want to get good at. Don’t fret* about making mistakes. Make as much mistake now but Practice. Practising corrects all things.

*Fret means being visibly anxious.