Devnagri Typability

There is no site like twitter in India, which works in Indian languages. The idea is great and would work fabulously, with Indians being such chatterers, but the original problem for Indians is, how to type something in Hindi/Marathi/Asamese/Bengali/Telugu/Tamil etc. Google Transliteration or Quillpad is a great source, the feed is also present in Gmail and Google Docs.

But one requires internet connection for best use of these apps. There are software from which you can type Indian languages, but using the same in mobile is a different affair.
This problem – how to type in Indian languages, particularly in mobiles, WITHOUT an internet connection? Is a big business opportunity.

Anybody who can write code for that, even if the application’s size is big, will make a ton of money. Will create a revolution. Think of something like Huffington Post. That is a site which has usurped newspapers in America because people post news and articles there for free.

There are many such sites in India too viz. Saddahaq, Newslaundry. But all those are in english; I haven’t come across a Indian language site which is a news website totally free and people can post news/articles in it. All we have are websites for newspapers. That’s why newspapers are thriving.

Devnagri has the highest number of users in India and hence it is the easiest language in which to create a ecosystem. If somebody can make an application to type devnagri using roman fonts and can display it properly, we could see paper newspapers getting hammered and online news distribution taking off.