Don’t have high expectations.

Many of us have high expectations – sometimes we are happy when those expectations are met, but most of the times………

……those expectations are not met. ….. why? Because they are HIGH.

On the other hand, having low or no expectations mean that whenever we meet some expectations, we are enthralled!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is some truth to the saying

Shoot for the stars, you may just land on the moon.

Having an aggressive goal is big enough; but many a times it leads to disappointments.

For example, for their first job many programmers of Java or .NET expect a salary of 20K!

And they can’t even get a job, let alone one that pays 7K. Some who get low salaries even refuse a job.

If they had not expected anything, just gone with whatever they get and increased their experience, in a few years they would get a high salary.

So just go with the flow.