Don’t make a Rahul Gandhi mistake with your Interview

interview practice


Well if you follow any kind of TV, newspaper, news site on the internet, news radio or any current affairs magazine, then you must have heard, read or seen of this bomb of an interview .

The Summary: He made a lot of mistakes.

Many are mocking Rahul for the mistakes he did, but did anybody count on the mistakes they made in their first interview!

The mistake of Rahul: was To not get any practice of having an interview with the media. He has traveled all over the country and the world, and could have given an interview to anybody anywhere, but he didn’t. There are lots of small towns which have small cable TV channels who would have been glad if Rahul Gandhi had given them an interview, but he did not; because he was shying away from Public politicking.

But now that he was pushed to the arena, and he didn’t have any practice handling the challenges, as a result he lost it totally.

So watch and learn- from other people’s mistakes. Get practice failing before you get into a situation where you don’t want to fail.

As I have said in my other posts, get practice getting interviews by going to interviews; even if you don’t have the training, the certificates or any knowledge. Don’t worry if they shoo you away, nobody is beating you up.

Take small pains daily to avoid Large Pain

What you are going to get hurt doing is, by failing when you do want to get the job. It’s like body building– if you shy away from exercise because it’s painful and time consuming, you won’t have any muscles. Be the baby who wants to learn to walk, he gets up and falls, gets up again, ditto again. But after falling quite a few times, he is able to stand, able to walk, able to run.

You are that child; try even if it’s painful. If you don’t try, you will fail.

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