Don’t Make website from a coder’s POV

The mark of a good product is that the maker designed it so that the buyer’s –it’s actual users- find it easy to use.

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With website many people forget that principle. They design and build a website how they feel it should be built. They impose their own notions of how people should use it, where and how they should navigate.

They forget that what knowledge they have about the subject – the subject the website deals with – would not be the same for the website’s audience. Everybody is of a different mould.

Whatever feedback that the designers take, they take it from fellow web designers. They show it to other coders and they get positive feedback “wow great going”, cause like the designer – his colleagues are of the same mould.

A great analogy would be high-school & college science books. Everybody wants to read books authored by American writers, nobody reads Indian writers. Why? Because Indian writers write for other Professors, rather than for students. You must have seen that. What is sad is that after knowing that – see that all these years, they still haven’t changed their ways.

So remember that unless your audience is fellow coders, don’t make a site to brag to other coder’s. Make site so that the audience you are targeting find it easy. For that, take the feedback of the audience.

And the audience can be diverse and not know where to go or even the language. The audience wouldn’t change themselves for you, you have to change yourself for the audience.