Firefox OS Phone for Rs. 1,555

Mozilla has launched a $25 smartphone – that’s Rs. 1,555/- ONE thousand FIVE hundred FIFTY five only.

Think of it this way; rather than changing mobiles every 4 years (or more) you will change phones every 6 months.

Firefox OS launch

Mozilla CEO Jay Sullivan introduces $25 Firefox OS prototype at Mobile World Congress.
(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

        It’s true that the screen is small and coarse and apps are slower to launch than the high-end phones. But the makes are not targeting the kid who drives a high-end bike or the businessman with the BMW. The makers are targeting the low-end of the market.

And there the potential is huge. Rs. 1555/- could you imagine!

        There would be a big demand for the phone and with it the apps to install and work on the phone. And as you know, Firefox OS is a browser. So all  you need to make the apps are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

PS: We have a course to teach you to make apps in Firefox OS