No experience -> Get experience = Work for free

You are still in college or have graduated but are training in our institute. And you don’t have any work-experience. You know that work-experience is vital for landing that first job, otherwise it would be quite a lengthy search before you get that first shot at it.

A good way to get experience, when you are still training is to help somebody with their work for free. Maybe it’s your college or university. Maybe some small company in your hometown. Maybe some NGO who needs to design their website.

get experience

Do it for free!

Just make sure that they are ok with you adding their name in your resume. No matter how small the work is, an experience is an experience. If you shaved Amitabh Bachchan’s French beard once, you can write in your resume that you are Bachchan’s barber. Even if you did a bad job and he cussed at  you, a job is a job.

People appreciate the fact that you learned something.