Get Important things done If you don’t like them

So you plan to do something that is important to you, like……………

• Exercising
• Reading
• Practising Coding
• Giving or Practising to Give Presentations
• Wash Clothes
• Go Out of the Room (Yes that’s important, and yes people are not able to do it 😮 )
…………….. but you don’t like doing it. More than that, your body doesn’t like doing it.
Now I can tell you that that is because it is not habitual to you and hence you have to push yourselves to do it, but you don’t have the willpower.

But there needs to be a first time to do something. So how DO you Push yourself to do those things?

Here are some steps:-
1. Fix a Time when you will do it
Fix a time for when you will wash clothes, when you will read, when you will exercise

2. Fix a particular place where you will do it.
Fix place for washing clothes – can be the bathroom, can be the river side, can be the footpath, a place for reading (room, garden, library), Place to go out (Mall, FC Road, MG Road, Lonavla).

3. Write out your plan – In pen and Paper

4. Make a reminder – on your computer, on your mobile, on as many places are possible
& most importantly!

5. Make is easy to do –
• Exercise – Keep shoes and shorts where you can see them
• Reading – Keep books and pencil nearby
• Coding Practise – Program the computer to open itself (if it’s shut and open the file where you have to code)
• Practising to Give Presentations – Program the computer to open itself and open the presentation
• Wash Clothes – Keep the cloth bundle, soap inside the bathroom
• Go Out of the Room – Buy tickets earlier (for train tickets, or movie ticket in malls). Keep clothes and shoes out, keep the gels ready to apply. Shave.

Making them easy to do increases the chances that you will do those things. So what are you waiting for, plan.