Get Real Interview Practise before Completing Course

We are not talking about getting an interview practise in our institute or between your friends. The problem with them is that they are not a tense environment. You don’t feel pressurised giving interviews to friends or in institutes; because there is nothing at stake!

The stress comes when you do want that job.

The best mindset to have when giving an interview or doing any work is the Gita saying “Work without thinking about the results”; that is not possible every time or from everybody.

Here is the 2nd best option:

get interview practise

Even thought you have not completed your education/training yet, search for the jobs you are targeting after completion of the course.

Apply for them. Say that you are eligible. And when they ask you to come to interview, go for it.

Even if you fail at the interview, you will know something. More importantly, you will get to know what they ask at real time. You will see the pressure people get.

I would also advise you to debate with the interviewers about any particular topic, if it comes up. Don’t debate upon facts, but upon subjective opinions. For e.g. Will Flash survive mobile age? or Isn’t having Indian languages in mobile/internet the thing to focus upon rather than speed. Also take part enthusiastically in Group Discussions and Aptitude tests.

Debating shows that you have domain knowledge and confidence. Once you have gotten the feel for these interviews, future experiences become easier. Also talk to fellow candidates and get knowledge of what they have, what qualities or expectations they are looking for and what are they deficient in. You will get great information by chatting. And it doesn’t cost much, maybe 3 cups of tea per interview.

To do this, go to as many interviews as you can. Create your job profile to suit the requirements of the kinds of employers you are targeting. Make up certificates if need be, not that private companies ask for certificates before the interview.

Here are the steps that you have to do:

  • Make Job profile in online job portals viz. Naukri, Monster etc.

  • Apply for jobs in different companies in as many domains as you can

  • Go to jobs, debate with interviewers, debate in GD and take Aptitude tests.

PS: Some people may say, isn’t having a fake profile lying?

Well since you are not really getting into the company, you are just practising………it isn’t a moral black hole.

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