How to Get out of your company’s Bond – Part II

In the first part you saw how you could jump the company bond by feighing tuberculosis.

The problem with that idea is if people asked for medical certificates and you couldn’t provide. Or you may not be that good an actor and hence can’t cough that much. The second idea takes care of that.

Caveat – Try this idea if you have gotten the experience but don’t want the experience letter. If you do need a job after quitting, then arrange for the job beforehand, in a place far from where you currently work.

So here is the idea

– Stop basic grooming. Wear shabby unwashed cloth, don’t cut nails, stop shaving and stop cutting hair. Be a bond vagabond

When somebody challenges you upon it, say…..

• Say you have lost all hope in the world, that you have turned sanyasi.
• Say your girlfriend dumped you and you are depressed, you will take care of it – but don’t take care.

It would help if you act like you are stoned. And whatever job is required of you, you do the minimum level required. It’s important that you don’t fail the job requirement, but that your colleagues don’t like you sitting nearby.

        After a while your superiors would be fed up with you and send you to some far off place, where you come looking like a dump. Somebody would need to get rid of you. Somebody will offer you a way out – take the most diplomatic route.

        A great way to get the superiors to “let you go” earlier than they would is to show up all rag-tag in front of the new interviewees or newly-joined. It forms a bad opinion about the company and people wouldn’t like you in the office.