How to Get out of your company’s Bond – Part I

This is for all those poor souls who had to give a bond to their employers that they wouldn’t leave the company before 1 (or 2) years after joining. Now that they have joined, they feel stifled and want to get out. But if you do, you will have to pay money to the employer.
joy of getting out of company's bond
Here are ways and means on how to get out of your boring job without paying anything – and even getting an experience certificate.

Genius Idea 1 – Feign Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is a communicable disease which is very dangerous. It’s symptoms includes non-stop coughing which doesn’t go even after medications for cough is given.

        The way to feign is to stop the coughing is make is so repetitive that people advice you strongly to visit the doctor. After coming from the doctor, when people ask you, you tell them that you have tuberculosis but that it will cure itself – the doctor has said. In fact you have been given free medicines for this.
coughing to get out of company's bond
        Do note that this communicable disease will spread quickly in a cold and closed environment like an IT office. When the people at the upper level get to hear this thing – they will want you to leave the company.

        Make it easier for them saying your family wants rest but you can’t leave cause of the bond. And when they do suggest you leave, ask them that since you don’t have good reasons to live – your future would be in jeopardy, if they could only give you the experience certificate.

        Now why I suggest TB is that – at the onset it doesn’t look as horrifying like leprosy. It’s also not difficult to fake, just remember to cough regularly. The only thing that can give you away is the doctor’s certificate. So make sure the company itself doesn’t have an in-house medical team and nobody asks for certificate.

Ah this was long. Digest the idea and see if you can do it. Otherwise another idea next with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.