How to be a good employee.

You will hear many people complaining that the job they are doing is a bore, the boss is oppressive, the place is dull and what not.

The thing about opinions is, they’re mostly how you are, not how the situation is. A great way to make progress in your career and being happy with your job is to participate in it.

Take Initiative

Take it for yourself that you have to do things that are not asked for you. If there is a new thing, exercise that needs to be done – then volunteer to do it. Don’t worry if you bungle it up, this is your first time doing it, people bungle it up the first time.

Besides, if somebody criticises you, then they would have to do the job and nobody wants to do it.


Gossip has gotten a bad name. That is because many people accuse gossipers of malfeasance. But gossiping is a great way to bond. Make sure not to bad-mouth anybody, criticise or shame anybody whilst gossiping, but listening to gossip gives you a great idea of what is happening in the company.

Improve Process

There are ways to improve anything that you are doing. You can improve yourself, but you can also improve processes. Most processes are improved, pushed to change, from the above. That is because people are loathed to change, if you can improve processes, it would be a big plus on your part. Try to improve things and you would also improve.