Higher post in Small firm or lower post in big company

which company to join

In APPLE Inc. you are joining as a developer. The post is -> Assistant Developer. Pays better than………………….in MANGO UnLtd., where you will be doing the same work, of a developer, the post -> Developer.

But Mango Company has high attrition and you are sure to become Senior Developer  in 3 months.

 Join Mango UnLtd. company!


Because the next job you are going to search, and they ask you what was your post? It was Senior Developer not assistant anything.


Consider that in the next 5 year you change jobs 3 times. If you follow the aforementioned practise, you’ll be managing 100 people in an industry like software. If you just follow the trend and join a lowly post at Apple Inc., all you will do is get up one higher grade, having maybe just 2 people under you, who’ll probably be interns


So unless you’re a Genius, get this genius idea, be the King of whatever you do wherever you are.

As Julius Caesar said :

“I would rather be number 1 at the village than number 2 in Rome”.