Host Your own website on the internet

If you want to become a web developer then you should think about hosting your personal site on the internet and testing it

If you are training to be a web developer, some practical advice is to do some practical real world thing. For a web developer that would be hosting his own website on the internet. And doing it in some hosting server rather than in his own computer.

Nowadays Hostgator and some other hosting companies offer free hosting services for a year or so. Make a little website and then take the free offer and upload your site.

host website for free

If you are training to become a front-end-developer then that is a great practise to design a web site. You can pick up any website form to build upon, an entertainment website, an animation site, a forum, or a social media a.k.a Zukerberg. Who knows you could become a billionaire by 26.

        For back-end of the website, you can pick a friend or advertise on the web for a guy training for the assorted back-end languages to become your back-end developer. You can even pick someone who wants s to be a systems administrator to manage the site while you just make changes and put in the algorithms.

Practising whatever you learned on the class is a great way to hone your skills. Trying out new things and cutting short the code will also make you master in your field.

        Having your own site is also looks good on your resume; people can actually see the site and evaluate your skills. And if you have worked on an actual site, you would have real world experiences on the nuances of building a site for the web. How code renders in different bandwidth, different platforms & different browsers.

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