The important computer languages in the coming times

Whatever computer language you choose to master, a few things that you will have to learn are:

  1. Algorithms
  2. Data Structure
  3. Design Patterns.

c c++ objective c swift C# javascript

As for the languages, if you are thinking for the next 5 years, then

  • Java
  • Objective C => Swift – for iOS
  • C♯ – for Microsoft’s environments
  • JavaScript – Front end, on server with Node.js, databse with MongoDB.

If you look at the hiring trends, the jobs have skyrocketed for Java, Objective C (and Swift) and C#.

JavaScript is the odd one out of our recommendations. JavaScript is identified with front-end of a website. But it has developed many frameworks, with Node.js for the server and MongoDB for database.

Now we are going from desktop to mobile – smartphones, home automation, car apps etc. We used to have native apps without web connectivity, then we went to web only approach and now we are coming back to native applications, web is being used just for connectivity. Hence JavaScript is on this list.