Information Technology is not Farming – Experience counts.

ploughing   Look at the above picture. Think how much time it would take to get fairly good at what the guy is doing – ploughing?

coding programming   Now look at this code. It’s a simple PHP code. Think how much time it would take to be fairly good at writing this code?

Yes, there was a time when ploughing was very high-tech! 10,000 years ago ploughing an agricultural field would be very very high-tech. But nowadays anybody can plough – and in four months become quite good at it.

But programming?

Not everybody can program. Even those who can, are not even zilch in four months. You can barely code common programs in 4 months. It takes years to be fairly good at some programming language – and then the technology changes, so you have to keep learning. IT sector is not like farming.

You’ll be as good a farmer in 4-6 months as a guy with 40 years experience, you’ll be a nothing as far as programming is concerned in 4 months as you will be in 40 years.

So don’t look at the salary when you are joining your first company after college. You will need money only when you get married (for a guy). Look at the work that is being offered – take the most challenging work.