What inspired us to start this Technology Training Institute

Q. What inspired us to start this institute?

As you all know we are living in the era where everything around us is constantly changing and technology is becoming is gaining prime importance in its numerous applications, but still the technology literacy still very low. People do not make sufficient use of technology in their personal as well as work life. We want to change this scenario.

Q. What were the challenges we faced initially?

Well to begin with, educating people is a huge responsibility. Secondly, our aim is to prepare them to take on the employment challenges with élan. So the focus is more on the practical aspect over the theoretical training. Moreover, we understand that to make a place for oneself in this challenging field can be quite mentally and physically taxing. So if we were to list out, the challenges were only to pool resources together efficiently so that we could convince students to come and learn from us and live up to their expectations.

Q. Which are the different courses our institute offers?

We offer an array of courses which cover the versatility of the information technology field. Right from basics to specialized training we run many courses some of which are –

Q. Who can enroll for courses?

We have designed our courses for those who want to make use of technology for their personal growth, so whether they are students or working professionals. Each course has the ability to bring in values which add worth to a professional curriculum.

Q. What are the other facilities that your students can avail of?

As mentioned earlier, the larger focus is to prepare students to achieve a strong professional foundation. And in this regard, we undertake other essential soft – skill courses and trainings such as –

  • Aptitude / logic building exercise
  • English training
  • Industry expert visits

Q. Some light on our student placement policy and methodology

We have tie ups with development companies, which provide us with requirements of the resource expertise they require. Once we receive this requirement we work on the students as per company expectations. All through this training, the company’s technical panel plays an active role in providing valuable inputs and also takes part in the training program. We arrange interactive sessions between the company’s technical panel and the students over the weekends for them to understand each other better and the students can also get their doubts & queries answered.

Who are the faculty members?

I will not boast but I am proud to say that all our faculty members are working professionals from the IT industry itself. I believe this is a major benefit as we are constantly in touch with the market and review and change our methodology as per changing trends. The industry professionals know how things work practically & what a student is required to know. This makes the student, industry – work ready.

We provide corporate training?

Having trained young professionals and students to become employees in the dynamic IT industry, TLabs now forays into CORPORATE TRAINING. Having a vast interaction and experience in the industry, we recognise the corporate challenges first hand. We also have a thorough understanding that unpredicted and fast changes in the technological arena backed by the various options for IT employees today, make it very difficult for a corporate body to train and groom their workforce aptly to ensure that they are able enough to become good leaders with the best managerial traits.

We have designed comprehensive corporate training programs – the CorpTrain consisting of various modules wherein we take complete responsibility right from A – Z of the corporate training process. This includes assessing the training requirements and ensuring that the training proves to be fruitful in its practicality rather than theoretical sessions.

In order that we meet you expectations of being thorough professionals, we promise that we live up to your expectations. In this regard, we offer strict “service level agreements” designed as per your wants and requirements. 

Speak to us for more or just drop in your query to know how well we can help your organization to train better.

 Some parting words….

Today the students are extremely lucky that technology is developing at a fast pace. Also, the exposure and technological resources are easily available to the young crowd today. In our times, finding a worthwhile IT course was quite a task. But today it’s quite easy and the students must take advantage of this. Respect and learn technology and it reaps multitude of benefits. For some more scoop on technology and our courses do visit our website.