iOS will go down

A few months ago I was reading a newspaper article where the writer was commenting on the balance sheet performance of Apple Inc. and saying how a simplifying software environment synchronising with hardware made the whole product of apple so good and how it’ll conquer the whole Smartphone space.

macintosh ios

Apple Rules

I was thinking of the same situation 2.5 decades before. Apple was the first one to devise graphic user interface, had a great OS with complementing machine – Macintosh. Yet it failed in front of Microsoft loaded software running on machines of various manufacturers – the irony of the matter was that Microsoft had built its software mostly by copying from Apple.

The same situation is there now – just instead of Microsoft, the main competitor is Google (although Microsoft is running behind it). And most of the products – atleast the hardware, were built by copying the designs of Apple.

android overtakes ios

and gets behind windows & now android

Would history repeat itself?

PS: No need to believe what the press. Do your own investigation before forming an opinion/judgement. Press needs to fill the space (or time in TV).