Working in Java Development internship, what should you learn.

So you are working in a java development internship; where you have to develop java programs. What should you learn by the end of the internship so that you could get a job as a Java developer. Given below are the list list of things that you should learn. Not that you would have learnt all these technologies. But by the end of your internship, you should have a working knowledge of most of development internship

  • Java with emphasis on data structures, I/O, JVM concepts, OO programming concepts and design patterns. Notably MVC development.
  • XML and underyling APIs
  • Servlet/JSP technology and knowledge of it in detail.
  • Use of MVC development frameworks.
  • Working knowledge of web services, how to build, deploy and interact with them.
  • Web components such as HTML, CSS and understanding of the HTTP protocol and its interaction model.
  • SQL database technology and usage.
  • JDBC and use of ORM/data mapping frameworks to access.
  • JavaScript including a working knowledge of the HTML DOM model.
  • At least one client-side framework such as jQuery.
  • SOA technology concepts and applications such as ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus).
  • Software development lifecycle.
  • Principles of source control on a day-to-day basis and actually use it to manage code.
  • Soft skills such as working with team leads, requirements analysts, sitting in meetings with customers, receiving and carrying out tasks, learning the words “I don’t know” are not evil and must be spoken, learning to give realistic estimates, writing documentation, participating in releases, etc.

This takes around a year to acquire working knowledge in these areas. At the end of it, you could get a job as a junior developer and can actually work under supervision on projects.