Get Job Experience before PG Education

So you come to our institute to learn web technologies like HTML5 or PHP. Or maybe you have just joined BCA and want to learn the basic languages C++ thoroughly and progress along.
job experience

The question comes up after you have graduated in B.Sc Computer Science or BCA or in Design.

Question is: Should I pursue further education or should I get some job experience?

Many are searching for the answer to this and they look at data, which says that having a master’s degree means a higher job and more salary.

yes it is true, but here is the Caveat!

When you have done the master’s degree, you are expected to do a higher level job than basic programming. You will not be satisfied with a lower job profile and would pass on the opportunity for better chances.

A better way forward would be to:-
job experience
• Get a job after your graduation (having a job when studying is better)

• Work 2-3 years on the job.

• Have a look at your likes and dislikes, interests, capabilities.

• Know what skills the job scenario demands

• Then go after a Post-Graduate Degree

Who knows, maybe from being a web designer you may get into coding, or vice-versa. You may take a PG degree in something not related to computers directly, viz. Statistics, to develop big-data products.

        Or you may change track completely and go for psychology or media studies, anything to give you the skills to make better web portals and start-ups.

Some More advantages of having job-experience is that:

• You have your own money and don’t have to ask parents.
• You also interact with youngsters when returning to college; you will have a different mental framework. You will be younger than your age.
• Also you can have a part-time job from your previous company because of the networking you had whilst at job.
• A college when you are older will mean that you will be more fit and young looking till your later years.

So our advice is definitely:

Get some job experience before doing Post Graduation.