How to give Job Interviews

I was just watching an interview, something the interviewer (the one taking the interview) hadn’t prepared for. I thought why not write tips from that perspective – the interviewers. I have seen this kind of thing a lot of times, people whose job it is to take interviews – the HR people, don’t know about the subject at hand, and ask the candidates questions in which he would not be good.

Then there are subject specialists who know about the subject, but due to lack of experience, don’t know how to taken interview. Add to it a lack of preparation. People think that since they know about the job, they don’t have prepare questions. And hence they lack the practise of taking interviews.

Here are some tips for the interviewees on how to do a great job at the interview: People who are into Human Resources are there because they have done MBA with HR specialisation. With the quality of people who do HR, I could say that HR people are:

1. Dumb :- Basically don’t know anything else that what they are told by the company. Do not have much knowledge of their companies area of operations.

2. Bureaucratic :- Would go by the rules even if the rules stifle their operations.

3. Lack of farsightedness :- Can’t think ahead. For example, if they know they have a meeting tomorrow from 2 O clock which will last 2 hours, they will still call you at 3 for your interview. You would be wasting 1 hour. Taking these gloomy things about HR department in mind, here are the things you need to do and attitude you need to have.

overconfidence in job interview

  1. Practise: the interview. Ask a friend to have interview and tell him to ask the most difficult questions.Lots of time, the interviewer themselves haven’t written what questions they are going to ask. If you have practised the interview, then you will come off as a more cock sure person than the interviewer.
  2. Be Overconfident: People are designed to be under-confident by evolutionary forces because 10000 years ago, failure was not an option. You fail you die. But nowadays unless you are doing something that can be fatal, there is not cost of failure. Fail at exams, fail at wearing some dubious clothing, fail at asking somebody out, it just doesn’t hurt.
    On the other hand Overconfidence has high returns, that is because people are not confident. So be overconfident to the point of being brash.The irony is that people choose overconfidence over competence
  3. First impressions count: Refer to my earlier point of being overconfident. Look the part.
  4. Don’t be desperate: Again, if you come of as a desperate man, you would be treated as such and most probably fail to get the job. People like confident people. People like candidates who have other options.

You should realise that HR has his own back to cover, if he hires a good candidate (such as you) then he gets to be the good HR person in front of his superiors, if good candidates run away from interviews, it is viewed in bad light in front of his superiors.