Joined College….. now what – I

joined collegeIf you have chosen an IT course, what should be your focus after you joined college. Maybe you are doing B.Tech or maybe BCA. But you know that in the college, there would be an in-depth training in any given language. A lot of theories would be taught, but not how to write languages in an industrial setting.

So this becomes you focus, or you can say your first step:

Get to learn basic languages in such a way that you can write code for an industrial application.

It’s important for you to get on the job ASAP. You don’t want to be behind the learning curve. You should have learned C/C++ by the first semester and have sufficient practice. By the second semester, Java …. and so on.

So now you have to go out and find a place where you can get training for the same. Go look around at different institutes and select a good one. If you get trained properly then you will always be ahead of your college curriculum. This is advantageous when you are at a campus placement.
Since you have gotten so much practice, you will generally find better offers than what they offer you at an average campus placement. But do realise that you should do Post Graduation as you have a whole career to look after.Do get the experience of 2-3 years working, but then do your masters.

There are lots of things to keep in mind when searching for an institute. An FAQ is given:

Question: What should I look for when searching for an institute?

Answer: Look at everything. The curriculum or content, the faculty, Labs and lastly the fees. After choosing some institutes, go visit them and look at the environs. Ask some students if you can find them. Ask for the prospectus. Take in all the information and then decide.

Question: What would the best curriculum be like?
Answer: The best curriculum should have the latest industry requirement for the given technology. Even if it’s not industry standard yet, it will be in future. Let’s say HTML. Currently the industry standard is HTML4, widely used by browsers for render pages. But by the time you are out of college and into the job, HTML4 would be going out and HTML5 would have become industry. So look for the latest.