Joined College … now what – II

This is the 2nd part where we further discuss the aspects of activities during your IT course. Also remember that there are other co-curricular activities in college, do take part in it.

When you get to work, there won’t be time for anything else. So live life now.

joined college - now whatQuestion: What kind of faculty should be there?
Answers: Look for somebody with years of industry experience. You want an ex or current developer to teach you so that they know how it is like coding in the industry and can teach you the nuisances of the field.

Question: Should I go for high fees or low ones?
Answer: Don’t go for brand. Compare the fees around your place and go for quality. But don’t go somewhere just because it has great logos or your friends have gone there. In fact there is no point joining a batch with 30 students, as the trainer won’t be able to give you enough attention. Look for less class size.

Also if you join an institute for different courses in every semester, they would give you discounts since you are a regular. Hence choose your first institute wisely and stay with it to enjoy the discounts.

Question: Wouldn’t it be better if I start learning the technologies in the institutes After first semester since I don’t have much exposure to programming?
Answer: No! You are continuously getting exposure in college as it is. By the time you join the institute, you will start your innings running. And then you will have time to practise as training is generally 1-2 months. By the time you have completed your semester, you would be master of that technology but you have to practise daily.

If you don’t do this, you will get behind others and by the last semester you wouldn’t have the experience or technology exposure to get a good job – or even a job. That’s time wasted. And in future job applications, recruiters will also see your resume where you haven’t had a job after college, that’s a negative.

In this competitive world, you just can’t sit back. If you do, it will move forward and you would be left behind.

Question: What if I get a job even when I haven’t finished college?
Answer: Then great all I can say is, try to join after graduation. And since this is your first job, don’t look at money or the company (MNC, small, large etc.); look at the work. Look for opportunities where they allow you to work on a large array of technologies so that you get to learn them.
Last and not the least, make sure to come back to do your Post Graduation after 2-3 years.