How to Master English Part-I

LEARN AND master english in 6 months

This post is about how to master English in (at least) 6 months. Although this system IS easy but if you are looking for something fast, then this is not the place.

There are two parts to this mastery of the English language; the first one being How to master your Listening so that you can understand when somebody speaks in English. The goal is that you could do this automatically without having to extend the processing power of your brain.

The second part of this training would be to practice talking in English. Of course the second part would be harder but both can be practiced simultaneously; it would be nice if you did.

On to the first part, how to master listening. It is the same way you learned to understand Marathi, as a child. No books, no grammar lessons, no composition ………. just listen.

Watch TV! Whatever programming you watch, only watch English films or news & current affairs, shows, documentaries, drama, reality TV, sports commentary; whatever you prefer. Nowadays English movie channels like Star Movies and HBO show sub-titles by default. That is a plus; you can always read what is being said. Even if that is not the case, just listen.

The first two months would be hard as you won’t understand much if anything from watching TV, but understanding doesn’t mean you have to listen, language is only 7% of what people communicate, 50% is body language and 33% is tonality.

But as you watch and listen more and more, you will get a feel for how it is said whatever being said. You will get better and better and have some idea in two month. By six months, you would be proficient enough in understanding spoken English like you were born in Kent.

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