Learn PHP Step by Step

Now PHP is easy to learn and you could go learn it yourself. You would need an internet connection. I’m giving you a step by step process how what topics to learn in PHP so that you are not confused at the end of it.


First you have to learn the basics, how to set up PHP server in your computer and how PHP script can be created inside a HTML page and how to fill a HTML form with PHP.

Learning Loops

After the basics comes learning to program the loop. You have to learn how to go over the same program again and again. This would be very easy if you have exposure to computer programming.

PHP Functions

Functions are blocks of code with a name given and they can be called in different parts of a program. Since a big PHP code would have lots of functions, you should know how they work. PHP itself has lots of default functions and some memorising is also required.


PHP is primarily used to link it with a database. Hence you have to learn MySQL, PHP can connect with other databases, but this is the default. SQL databases are all the same, so learning one would be enough. Try to get the hand of the database – adding, deleting, joining tables and values inside them within database and performing other functions.

Use MySQL from PHP

Now comes the complicated part. Since all that SQL code needs to be put in PHP in different area, this requires lot of coding for even simple programs, this is where the real action starts.

Let users add data to MySQL

Now make a form that lets users add data to your SQL database. Make it as complex as possible. Add the facility for deletion and modification.

Store PHP code in MySQL

Now you would like to advance yourself in this path. Add the PHP code in MySQL database – that means people choose what program gets executed among the various available. This is a more complex version of the previous topic.

See how far you have come in the step-by-step process.

Advanced PHP

Now the last state was the end of basics of PHP, how you have come to the advanced part. Here you would learn about the things that actually go towards making a website on the practical world.

Object Oriented PHP

PHP is not a strictly OOP language. But having an OOP structure helps writing disciplined code. It also makes the code shorter and faster. So start practicing some OOP concepts in PHP.

PHP XML support

You would need XML to run AJAX. Hence this is the first step towards making a site like facebook.


Of course to use AJAX with PHP you have to learn Javascript. But knowing simple Javascript will help, rest copy and paste. Make sure you do the coding regularly whilst learning Javascript.

After you have come to this, it’s time to make a few PHP projects, the harder the better. That’s where you will find the holes in your learning and you have to go back to the book or internet and get those holes filled.