Learning ASP.Net – C# or Visual Basic

C# sharp or visual basic vbIf you are going to learn ASP.Net, what should you train in, C# or Visual Basic, this article goes into the question.
Firstly for the person learning to use the languages – Visual Basic is the in thing. It is quite easy to learn and use as compared to C#, even though C# uses less code for the same program.

But another aspect in this argument is that:
Most programmers here have started learning with C or C++ (from which C# has been derived). As such, for them using C# is easy, they don’t have to learn Visual Basic (a different language derived from BASIC).

Coming to the code architecture, Dot.Net was developed with C# in mind. Visual Basic was retrofitted to it. So C# is can be used to add risky code to the programming. Also C# has a big community going for it, far larger than Visual Basic.

But two arguments are there against this thinking.
1st Visual Basic and C# are not that different, learning Visual Basic after C# or vice versa isn’t that difficult. 2ndly knowing another language would be a good idea for a programmer’s versatility (and employability).

The only reason C# scores is that you can transfer to it easily from C/C++ or Java and vice-versa.