Lift yourself from low tech industry.

Lots of software work comes to India – it’s a major software maker and producer. But the quality of work that comes to India is of the low end.

Which is great for India – crores of people with low-hanging software skills needed by a vast number of companies. You learn basic Java/.NET/PHP/C and go out and start programming. You learn as you go along.

But nobody is making a new technology or even innovating for better frameworks. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in India. Some people may be part of such efforts, but they’re few and far.

As such, even though the Non-Dravidian languages are collectively called as “Indo-European” languages, everybody uses English and Roman letters to type. Nobody has sought to develop a type or voice recognition which lets you use your mother-tongue.

This is the environment you work in.

I’m┬ájust ranting here – not asking you to leave everything and join the new tech. But try to learn some new things – languages perhaps, I mean Go, Erlang, Dart, Opa, Scala, Ceylon…….there are many to choose from.

Although you wouldn’t be able to get hired with these skills, but keep them as an extra, do something in your free time with them. Maybe you’ll hit on something……who knows.