How to make a habit of Programming.

habit of programmingWe programme when somebody or something, pushes us to programme. When we are in the training institute, when other people are programming, we are pulled into it.

But as soon as we get to our room, our home, our hostel our playground, we hang up on the programming, cause let’s face it, programming is a pain.

We wrote this beautiful code, and it’s hung up on that small thing which nobody can deduce. Maybe it’s the machine language, maybe the it’s the vicious circle. Who knows. And we give up.

This is with everything in life, unless we are forced to do it, we don’t take small pains, and then we HAVE to take the big pains. It’s the same with school exams, same with heart patients, same with people who didn’t save for retirement.

Programming is an art, like building muscles, unless and until you practise daily, you’re not going to get good at it. The way to learn to be a good programmer whom everyone would love to hire is to

Practice and ……………

First you make your habits, then habits make you.


So practise programming, but how?

Well 1st write out how much time would you practise and when. Then till that time, you will sit in front of the computer and type. Do nothing else, No Internet, no songs, no films. If friends want you for something, you pass. Only after programming. 1 to 2 hours of programming each day should be sufficient.

You should program even if you don’t have computer access at that time. Write your code then you can type it later in a computer. That way you get to use your hands and feel the code.

What if you failed to programme that day. Unless it was because of exceptional circumstances, like a war or maybe somebody died, DON’T PUT IT OFF. You’ll always find excuses, especially at the start of this promise to yourself, but you should see results within a month.

If you fail to do it one day, then punish yourself that day by eating dinner without salt or running 5 kilometres that you don’t. Any punishment (that hurts) will push you to complete the task the next day. You need to give yourself a disincentive to not do it.


  • Make A Plan as to time and duration of when you’ll program
  • Stick to it without excuses
  • Punish yourself if you don’t follow the plan

A little pain now, but LOTS of goodies later

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