How to make a mobile App that sells.

how to sell mobile app

Mobile applications are galore. There may very well be more mobile apps than mobile phones it seems. But people are making more and more apps everyday and trying to (and failing to) sell the app or get ad revenue. It’s no wonder that most apps are free.

Well if you do want to make apps to make money, here are some tips for the characteristics of apps you should make:

1. Make a niche product
Now some products can have wide popularity for e.g. WhatsApp. But then again, there are hosts of great app that should’ve sold like hot cakes in theory but didn’t. So go for a niche market. Although the customer number is low, but so is the competition. Don’t only think from your own worldview, see what other people face problem. Are kids finding problems completing their homework or elderly finding time to go to hospitals?

2. Ask people about your idea.
As your friends, parents, uncles, aunts, friends of parents uncles and aunts, neighbours, your dog even, what they think of the idea. Get their reactions before building your app. Tweak your idea to suit differing requirements.

3. Put yourself on the user’s shoes. An especially problematic thing for left-brained software writers is that they see the world from their eyes. Think how the user may view the app.

4. Have a free version.
There should be either a limited period trial version or limited feature free version. Best is an ad supported app.

5. Give the best features free.
Let the users see the best feature of the app. They will pay for the rest of the features thinking “if this free feature is so good, the paid features must be better.” It may seem misleading but you already gave your best feature for free.

6. Make great software.
Not that it needs to be told to a developer, but still beta test it with all different platforms with different users and clear any bugs before releasing

Happy money making.