How to Make your Resume Stand Out

make resume stand out & get attention

Now there is a good case to make that resumes written by professional writers are more attractive to look at and are called up more, but there are few points noted in research that has tracked HR people who have examined resumes.

  • People only look at any resume for 6 seconds.
  • Name, current job, previous job, their duration and education is what people look at.
  • Beyond this they only scanned for Keywords.

So how to make your resume stand out from the crowd. A few tips for newbies who don’t have job experience.

  1. Get a good photo and always have a photo. Even if you have to get it photoshoped, do it. People judge a lot by the looks.
  2. For current position write anything, anything at all rather than keep it blank. Even get a job at your friend’s Net-cafe as a programmer which don’t pay anything. Any experience helps.
  3. If you did have a job, highlight it, and if the stay was very short, hide it.
  4. If you can hire a professional resume maker – do it.
  5. Get a friend to Edit your resume. A cluttered place looks bad; you want your resume to be short and swanky.

Last Un-Numbered Tip:- If you are submitting hard copy of a resume, then get it printed in colored paper (Green is fine), people will pick it out from a bundle.

PS: If you are a good looking girl, the there is a change in point number 1. DON’T put picture in your resume. If you are putting, then make the picture really bad.

That is because the HR departments are manned – or WoManned – by girls. And they don’t like competition. So the resume of a good looking girl is prone to be put at the last or into the trashbin.