How to Make your Passport

1ince you will be a software developer after completing our courses and software developers get quite a few chances of going overseas, you might as well get a passport now.

Because making a passport is a cumbersome process which involves waiting in lines and going to the police – here is

The step by step procedure for getting a passport.

line at the passport office

1. Go to and choose your passport Seva Kendra. You can choose it as the nearest city or better yet, there is a Pin Code search criteria, just put down your Pin Code and you get your PSK.
2. Now Register and Log in. You can log in later if you don’t have all the details about yourself currently, there is no hurry. It’s a good idea to check the form to see what it requires
3. Fill the form: Generally what is required is your Identity and Residence proof, have those certificates before you fill your form. This is not much of a problem if you haven’t changed your residences. If you are living in hostels, you should give the address where your family lives. You would also require a digital version of your photograph.
4. Submit the Fees: The fee for a normal passport is Rs. 1500/- which can be submitted through Internet banking, debit card or via bank challan.
5. Fix Appointment: Fix an appointment when you are sure to be free. It can take a few hours so keep the day free.

6. Go to PSK: with all original documents. Also have all the originals as well as 3 copies. Most of the time, only 1 self-attested copy is required, but you will be surprised how many people don’t even bring that up.
7. Get Police Verification: There is a sms alert system which tells you that your information has been sent to the police for verification. In addition the police generally informs your family that they have a verification to be done. You are required to go yourself to the station and submit affidavits. Do not worry if you are not at home when they come, you can go later.
8. You get your Passport.

Some Things to Keep in mind

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• Make sure to have all the certificates that you have submitted in the application form in original.
• Although they take photographs in PSK, there isn’t much trouble taking some copies. The photograph required in the application form needs to have a white background.
• Make sure to have 2 copies, you may need it. It isn’t much trouble to make extra copies, going back again is troubling.
• Recheck the form before submitting. If possible, get it checked by somebody else so that he can pick any mistakes you couldn’t. Remember, there is no hurry; you can keep the filled form as draft.
• If it’s your first time with the police, take somebody who has experience dealing with the police, it saves you needless trouble of going back and forth.
• If the PSK if far from where you live, then take the appointment at later in the day, preferably in the afternoon. Also do remember that they don’t let any other people inside PSK so don’t take somebody along. Also have some food before going inside.
• If you forget to bring some documents in PSK the first time, you can agains “walk-in” in the next 3 days, but try to do the whole process in one day as next day it will be a hassle.