Some mobile app ideas

I had once gone to a start-up which was making a mobile app. The app would find other people who use that app from your surroundings and you could contact them, much like a dating app idea

The problem, I said with that app is, why wouldn’t a woman respond to some anonymous person over a mobile app like she does in internet. They shrugged it, saying they’ve tested it. Apparently not in the real world, as I haven’t heard of that app getting downloaded much.

So apps need to be designed after looking at the real world, some whacky idea succeed whilst some good idea that should have succeeded, don’t.

Here are some app ideas which could become hit although there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Some require quite considerable resources, back-end support, field survey etcetra whereas some do not require support but great energy in design and development.

♠ App that helps with arranged marriage presentations / negotiations

I’ve seen many people goof up whilst meeting the bride / groom side. The goofing up is done by everybody, the dad, mom, siblings, friends. That happens because people don’t have experience with checking on bride / groom for arranged marriages. As a result, they don’t know how to react, how to behave, what to ask and where to be discreet.

This is where app can help a lot. Give a background of you and your family and the other party and this app will help along the way by searching the database on what to do and what not to.

This app would have a lot of code as well as a big database. That database would have to list different actions pertaining to different demographics, socio-economic strata, gender, age etc. Putting this database itself would be a lot of work. I guess one needs a huge organisations (such as a matrimony site) to get this app working.

♣ App that takes guesswork out of romance

What to say when you approach a girl, what to say when you are responding to a guy who approached you, what to say on text, what to say on dates ……… lots of people are clueless about these and quite a few bungle it up. An app that helps you on this is great.

This is another thing where big-data would help. There are lots of data for these situations, but getting a computer to sort out the data would be a big deal. Of course that kind of computing can’t be done in a mobile, so this app will outsource its processing to a server.

More App ideas in the next post.