Some mobile app ideas – 2

……In continuation to yesterday’s postmobile app ideas

♥ In which chowks are the traffic police located

If you live in a city where helmet is mandatory and you don’t like wearing it or maybe you don’t have license or proper papers for your vehicle. This app would help.

But how to make this app? Where to get the inputs of where the traffic police are. One idea would be to listen to police wireless, but traffic police generally don’t send voice, just receive it. 

Then another problem would be, how to get the location data from wireless feed? This one is tough.

♦ Voice Translation

Although translators that are there on the market are better than earlier ones (because of the data they have gathered), there isn’t an equal quality for the voice. That is because not many people give voice data.

An app that gives translations with voice would be a plus for people who are not into typing things.

Since this is THE geeky thing to do, you have got competition. This also is very hard. It needs pronunciation and recording of a whole dictionary for any language. Also it needs a voice recognition engine. Plus a big fat processor. If you are going to develop this ………. i’ll pray for your love life.

♠ Talk to Strangers

This is especially true for the introverted and/or shy. So you are standing or sitting beside a stranger, you might as well start a conversation, but how to open. For somebody who doesn’t have great practice with starting conversations, it can be a big deal.

An app which gives ideas on what to start, given the person and situation would be of a great help.

This app is a great way idea if you have the database with you. I guess each country would have a different database, but other than that this is an easier project.

♣ To help blind people to walk

This great idea could be accomplished just by using GPS and digital map data (viz. Google Maps, Nokia Here). This app would know where there are obstacles and where there are moving objects, could guide blind people. A phone that can use ultrasonic radar would be of help, but its a few years away. Till then use of digital big-data would have to do.

Lots of computation and convergence with maps, a geeks paradise.

♦ Reminder set for a particular location

When you go to high-street, search for this particular thing. When you go to this city, do this. We get ideas to do thing when we would be at a particular location, but when we actually go to that location, we have already forgotten about it. This app will give reminder based on location, it sounds alarm when you reach there.

This one is very easy, you just have to add maps with GPS and a reminder. Why somebody hasn’t done it is beyond me. 

♥ App tells who the people around me are

This app could use the digital ids of the people around you and tell you who they are. A very complex thing to do I suppose, but if somebody can do it, they’ll make boatloads of money – till the privacy advocates get hold of it.

One way could be to use their digital ids and check which freely accessible Wi-Fi hotspots they have used and which sites they have used with those hotspots.

There are legal tangles to this app. Also it will be difficult to get data from the digital id itself but you won’t find out until you try.

♦ Parked vehicle finder

How many people have forgotten their car or bike? There is no background work needed for this app, it can use GPS, but coding would be difficult.

This one is very easy, so much so that amateurs should try it. If the phone has GPS, then your location at the time you left your car should give you the answer. Needs some memory, but that’s about it.

♠ App that guesses where you could have misplaced something

This is the same thing as the previous one, just more complex.

In the earlier example, your GPS tracks after you left the car would be in some distance from where you left it. Hence it can be clearly seen where you left the car. But with misplaced articles, that would not work, some other ideas need to be thought of, maybe a verbal note taker with a great verbal search function.

These are just some of the app ideas that I am giving. There would be more, if you are an android or iOS app developer or even if you just know HTML/CSS/JavaScript then you should think about making some of these.