To get more marks -> Create Halo effect

I was reading this book – Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. Now this is a winner of Swedish Central bank prize with respect to Alfred Noble.

In one place he says that when he used to check the exam papers ofexam paper halo effect students, the marks he would give to answers after the first question resembled most to the first question. If the first essay was great, then his brain assumed that every other essay was also great in the answer paper.

This phenomenon is called the “Halo Effect” in psychology, you can say 1st impressions matter.



The halo effect is when our impression of someone is skewed by one positive trait, leading us to make generalizations about them as a whole

There are many other things on those line but in this essay, we are concerned with increasing your marks. So here is the trick:

When writing the first answer in your exam paper, write the answer to the question about which you know best (duh) and make it beautiful, by using different coloured pen, taking time to make your handwriting more beautiful.

What this would do is get the halo effect about your answers in the checker’s mind. Hence he will rate the subsequent answers good as well, even though they may not be up to par. So you get more marks, even where you didn’t deserve to.