Should you use MP3 or OGG Vorbis

oss mp3 which to choosemp3 ogg which to choose If you need sound for the app or game or website you have built and are thinking which audio format to use, this would help.

What is OGG?

OGG Vorbis was started by Chris Montgomery because Fraunhofer Society (makers of Mp3) was seeking to charge royalty from mp3 audio streaming software makers. Vorbis is a free and open source software

The similarities

MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats are that they are both lossy* and support variable bitrates*. But there are lots of differences that you have to consider before deciding which file format to use. 1. Design – Mp3 was designed for higher bitrate. 128 kbps or above. Ogg is great at lower bitrates 64 kbps or below. 2. Quality – Ogg files are better than Mp3 for lower bitrates 96 kbps or below. For 128 kbps, the quality is the same. For 192 kbps Mp3 is better. 3. File Size – Ogg file sizes can be nearer to half the size of Mp3 files for the same bitrate. 4. Battery Life – Huh! Where did that come from? Yes battery life can be factor; if your audience is playing the file is a battery powered device. A typical report says that battery duration is half when playing with Ogg files compared to Mp3. 5. Patent – Ogg Vorbis was started as a alternative to Mp3. The patent for Mp3 is there till 2017. If your product becomes big, you will have to pay royalty. Although royalty is chargeable for small projects but the royalty holder doesn’t go after them generally. 6. Popularity – Mp3 is wildly popular and almost every device supports Mp3. Few do that for Ogg and running an Ogg file in my computer requires VLAN. Although many devices don’t mention it, they are able to run Ogg files but it’s still a problem. Ogg is gaining ground with game developers giving it more importance. The bitrate is a positive feature of the Ogg format, very web friendly; only as long as the audience isn’t playing the music on their battery powered mobiles. See your requirement before choosing the format. *Lossy – The compression algorithm that tosses out some data whilst compressing the file. Eg. Jpg, Gif, Mp3, Mp4, all video compression algorithms. *Bitrate – the number of bits per second that are being played from that file.