Net Neutrality and download speeds

net neutrality

What is net neutrality – It is the principle that government and ISPs treat all data, users, content, platform, application, type of attached equipment and modes of communication equally.

That is why each and every content on the internet downloads at your browser at the same speed. When there wouldn’t be net neutrality (like a recent US FCC decision lays down) then some websites would download faster than others.

It is safe to assume that websites of big online companies (viz. Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo) would load faster as they will pay money to ISPs to give their websites more bandwidth.

That has grave implication on freedom of speech.

But what do you care about your freedom of speech! Although I reckon you do care about your career!!

This means that if you are working for a small company or developing websites for small companies, then you have to make the download time more smaller than what the bandwidth capacity of your audience’s internet connection is.

The reason being that small companies wouldn’t be able to pay ISPs money to speed up their download. An example would be one of your client which has bought a connection with a speed of 4 Mbps, but that is the maximum bandwidth, and sites like Youtube would be able to download their content at that speed. But content of would get downloaded at a speed of 128 Kbps, and your audience would say that the site is slow.

Remember Net Neutrality is over in the US and the same would happen in India within a few years, if not in months.