Tips for Passing Exams of Sarkari Jobs


Sarkari (Government) jobs are a test of memory and practise in arithmetic. Here are some tips to memorise your lessons effectively.

Keep in mind that these tips:

  • Are not mugging
  • Are not short cuts

If anything they are long cuts. They take more time and energy, but they are EFFECTIVE.

1st  Summarise

Summarizing (i.e, making a summary) has been shown to be a good memorising tactic. It forces your brain to make nerve connections. The more connections that are build, the stronger is the memory.

After you have read a chapter or two – summarize it then and there before completing your study for the time. Then summarise again the next day. After you have read a group of chapters, summarize after a week. Keep summarising past read chapters intermittently.

2nd Give Speech

After you have done summarising, take the page and give a speech on the chapter. You can see the summarised notes to make the speech.

2.1 Give the speech for as long as you want and on as many points as you want to. Even if you remember some points very vaguely, say something on it.

2.2 Make the speech in front of as big an audience as possible. A big audience puts you in social pressure to perform (and you want pressure – read my post on Rahul Gandhee’s mistake)

2.3 Make speech as many times as possible for you. it. This is practise, it is better to do as much as possible, even if you make mistakes. Remember than mistakes are an integral part of learning process by which you learn to not do something.

3rd Record Audio & Listen

You must have a mobile from which you listen songs on your headphone. Well here is a great way to stop wasting time entertaining yourself and use that time to learn. Entertain yourself when you become the Sarkari babu.

Record the summary (you can also record in detail if you want to) of the chapters in clear voice. You can also record your speech. Then when you are not studying, when you are walking somewhere or just out for fresh air, then you can listen to those recording.

You KNOW what repeatedly listening to something does to you!

Of course nothing beats practising the tests on and on. But you are free to choose these methods if it suits your tastes and temperament.

I have more (somewhat heavy handed ) tips which should be kept secret. Give comments if the above work for you and then I’ll think of sharing those too. But you should share this piece on FB & tweet about it.