The demand for PHP & the supply of Programmers.

We just had a campus recruitment drive for PHP in our institute. 

We wanted somebody with 6 months experience in coding with PHP, we checked with all the people who had come to us for our recruitment drive (held every Wednesday) and asked them to come if they have the experience. So we had some candidates and they had their interviews.

But guess what, we still have more posts than candidates!

Why is this so?

Because everybody goes for Java or Asp.Net. Because they want to join that big company, an MNC even.

  • There are limited seats in big companies
  • Most small companies don’t use Java or Asp.Net for website building
  • There are many jobs for PHP
  • You can learn Java/.NET later after getting experience in PHP

So think about it. Your first concern should be getting a job. Once you have gotten a job, you can get training for some other technology. Having experience in your resume is a big deal.